Friday, May 22, 2009

Make Money with Indiastudychannel

Indiastudychannel (ISC) is now become very popular and famous because in this site is revenue sharing programs are free to participate,and there FREE to join.
Here is the Some programs in INDIASTUDYCHANNEL.Students can use all these programs to make extra money during the free time. There are 100s of students and graduates earning good revenue from IndiaStudyChannel.

This site share 90% adsense revenue to the members.

  1. AdSense revenue sharing program - This is most attractive revenue sharing program and is in association with Google. Your application is subject to approval by Google.

  2. AdSense referral program - Get Rs 500 bonus when each of your referred members make money in AdSense.

  3. Refer a friend and make money - get up to Rs 500 per referral.

  4. Get paid for posting your interview experience - get up to Rs 50 per post.

  5. Post messages about ISC in any site and earn money.

  6. Star of ISC Award - Earn Rs 250 cash award.

  7. Sell Blog For Money service and earn Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per sale.

  8. Write Blogs and earn up to Rs 200 per blog.

  9. Bonus for new AdSense members - Rs 400 bonus when you make first $100 from Google AdSense.

  10. Kontera Revenue Sharing program - Earn revenue from advertisements in almost all your posts in ISC.

Q:: How much money you can earn from this site ?

ANS::That depends on how much time you can spend. The revenue depends on your hard work and time you spend. I know many people who make thousands of dollars per month from Google AdSense, but ISC is still small and growing. All of our membes together receive around US$ 2750 per month from Google AdSense program.

So join Indiastudychannel today and start making money.

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