Sunday, July 11, 2010

All about Google voice

Features of Google Voice
1.Low call rates provider for international calls.

2.It can share the voice calls with your friends.

3.Mobile application
for Google voice is also available for the phone like Black berry and almost for all 3G phone.
mobile application for Google voice can be downloaded from-- - Link.

4.You can also make conference with more than 2 person, so that all the member can talk simultaneously.

5.Sending and receiving SMS online is also a features of this and you can also record a voice SMS through it.

6.You will receive alerts regarding your calls and SMS on your G-mail account.

Requirement needed for Google voice
You should have a Computer having windows, MAC or Linux system installed in it.Internet explorer, Mozilla and Google chrome you can use any of this with latest version.Flash player 8 should also be installed in your PC.


hari said...
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Yeildree Wood said...

I have google voice most of the time especially in the field of internet modelling Job. That I am right now.